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High-Quality Custom Cut Rug Pads


High-Quality Custom Cut Rug Pads


High-Quality Custom Cut Rug Pads

from 50.00

High-Quality Custom Cut Pad for all types of rugs.

We will custom cut a rug pad for you based on the size of the rug you purchase and will ship both out to you together.

We cut the pad a little smaller size than the rug so you won't see the pad when you lay the rug on it. 

These are some of the highest quality rug pads you can get - they have a nice body to protect the fibers and knots of the rugs, extending the life of the rug as well as eliminating most of the slipping, sliding, folding and wrinkling of your rug.  They are about 3/8 of an inch thick, and can be used on any floor.

  • If you're putting your rug down on a hard surface (wood, tile, marble, etc), the rubber side goes down on your floor and the rug on top.
  • If you're laying your rug down on wall-to-wall carpet, grey micro-fiber side goes on wall-to-wall carpet and rug on top of the rubber.

Any other questions?  Don't hesitate to reach out:

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