The loom house was created by a guy (Hemad) and a girl (Barbie) – they are polar opposites.

Barbie is cute, nice, pretty, introverted, creative, clean, positive, gentle, fun, awesome, selfless, joyful, soulful, colorful, beautiful, charming, curious, always smiling, always laughing, always helping, always giving, always right, always the best – Hemad is the exact opposite of all of these things – but they do share similar taste in design, and a mutual appreciated for handmade pieces created all around the world. Pieces that have a story, that have soul, and are worth talking about. They find those conversation pieces and sell them to others with the same taste and appreciation for them. thanks for visiting – remember to keep smiling, always.

Hemad Fadaifar

Hemad grew up in the family rug business and remembers jumping from rug pile to rug pile with his brother when he was younger - to now selling these beautiful pieces of art that root back to his heritage. Hemad caught the eye of the Nationwide Beer company, Dos Equis, being selected to venture around the world to test the limits of his mind, body, and soul. Dos Equis send him to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, meditate w/ a Buddhist monk in the foothills of the Himalayas, & eat crazy/weird foods in Japan (video on Youtube). Hemad loves to do improv comedy and is an avid traveler and explorer of this beautiful earth we all call home.

Barbie Kay Marquette

Barbie is a photographer & interior and product stylist. Art school drop out. Gardner. Mom to her beloved bulldog, Oliver. Minimalist but also a collector. Newborn portrait specialist. Doesn't eat anything with a face or a mother (aka a Vegetarian, but doesn't hate on people who eat meat) 2 weeks after she met Hemad they started The Loom House and things have been going ever since. So also a rug curator since 2016. It's hard to put into complete sentences how all of these things came to be. Sorry for the confusion.