Felicity | Antique Persian Farahan


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This rug is simply poetry that has been manifested in the form of a carpet. Every square inch of this piece is pure art. From the vast color palette to the masterful drawing, to the quality and fineness of the weave, and to the unparalleled love and commitment it takes to actually create something like this; it is indeed a masterpiece that has come out of the village of Sarouk, in Iran (Persia). The weavers of this village are one of the only ones that can strike that nearly impossible balance of classic design with nomadic soul. Meaning the design of this rug takes from some of the most iconic and elegant Persian designs and motifs in the world, giving it it’s magnificence; but the true DNA of this rug is nomadic. It is a village rug, woven with such soul, heart, and pride. Out of all the Sarouk rugs, Ferahans are my favorite. Why? Because they are the epitome of “Balance” and “Harmony”. From the thoughtful scale of the different sized flowers, the mix of curvature flowers designs around the linear vine and branch motifs, and the all-encompassing elongated medallion that splashes in the middle of an ocean of detailed blooming flowers and vines, leaves, stems, and branches. Even the powerful spandrels in the corners grounds the center and equalizes the rug, those too filled with contrasting vine/floral designs. If you look closely, you will even discover small “boteh” or “seed” designs spontaneously throughout the rug, which is a symbol of life, fertility, growth, eternity, and prosperity. Because of this, I would imagine that these weavers were mothers, weaving a small symbol of their motherhood in this piece. Because of the balance and peace in this rug, I would imagine these weavers were close friends or sisters. Lastly, because of the artistic nature of this rug, I would imagine that these weavers were lovers of nature, poetry, art, and music. The harmony in this rug must have been inspired by these other arts – I consider this rug “an artist’s rug”. It is just too thoughtful to be woven for the sole purpose of trade and commerce. There was indeed love and attachment to this piece from the weavers, and that makes this a special piece.

The elongated medallion suggests the age of this rug, as older pieces woven in this village had this powerful, yet elegant center medallion. The 4 large spandrels in the corners are unusually large allowing your eyes to easily digest a relatively detailed pattern rug. To describe this border as gorgeous is an enormous understatement. In most rugs, the border is an afterthought, not in this piece. It is absolutely beautiful and could steal the show on it’s own. But SOMEHOW these weavers have yet again, done the impossible of making an equally beautiful border without taking away from the center, but instead creating a relationship where they work together. I can’t begin to list off the number of colors in this rug. The deep navy field, matching the deep navy border gives this rug body and a heaviness. This is the perfect backdrop for all of the others colors to playfully dance throughout the rug; deep blush, rose, antique beige, camel, sky blue, soft saffron, muted rust, subtle plum and eggplant, coral, teal, green, and so many more colors. It has this hypnotizing abrash going from deep indigo and navy to black, and back to blue again. The sporadic abrash in the border, spandrels and motifs throughout are not only drool-worthy but gives it THAT much more depth to an already deep piece.

Places to use this rug would be in your living room, family room, dining room, bedroom, office, den, large foyer, lobby area or entrance, or seriously consider hanging this on the wall if you have that opportunity. The condition is fantastic given it’s age. Low pile with beautiful subtle patina throughout. Very ancient and minor touch-ups and the ends of the fringes have been secured by my grandfather to prevent from unraveling; keeping it’s original look but making it functional to use.

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